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I am Mistress Sinthea and I will wrap you around my little finger, then twist your mind into submission. My gaze will hypnotize you, My touch will magnify your deepest sensations, and My control over you will leave you lost in ecstasy. I might seem sweet at first, but beware of my sadistic, sinful side. I will entrance and seduce you, then have my every way with you.   I enjoy toying with my subs and laughing at their shame.  And, I am intuitive, so I will find your weaknesses and use them against you, teasing and taunting you to the point of sensual explosion.

My greatest desire is to build trusting relationships and help you discover within yourself the pain and pleasure that you've craved for so long. I will heighten your senses and show you how much you need to indulge in them. If you’re new, let me guide you into experiencing what you’ve been missing. Vanillas are welcome and sub training is  also available. Should you be so privileged, you may find the opportunity to experience this intense encounter, under My sensual, but stern, care. 

I am classy, but sassy and will treat you like the sissy you are. I will humiliate and afflict My every wish on all of you well deserving naughties out there, so get on your knees and pray you can handle it.

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